We've released our new O-RAN CU/DU

Written by Paul Sutton - February 23, 2023

In 2022, we signalled our intent to release an open-source O-RAN-compatible 5G CU/DU solution. To put those plans in motion over the past 18 months, we’ve designed and developed a completely new codebase from the ground up.

Our new codebase is a complete 5G RAN solution, featuring an O-RAN-native CU/DU with the complete stack from I/Q to IP developed by the SRS team. As you’d expect, the project is open source under AGPLv3, portable across processor architectures including x86/ARM and with minimal third-party dependencies.

The new architecture puts an added focus on disaggregation, clean interfaces and radio hardware. And from the outset we’re designing with maximum scalability in mind; an architecture that supports the stack running efficiently on everything from a Raspberry Pi to a data center.

While already coming in at over half a million lines of code, the project is still young and you can expect regular feature updates over the coming months. Key current features include:

Key features we’re currently working on include:

With the release of this new codebase, we plan to make some changes to project and repo naming. The current srsRAN codebase will become srsRAN 4G and the new codebase will be the srsRAN Project. Accordingly, the current srsRAN repo will become srsRAN_4G and the new repo will be srsRAN_Project.

Along with the new codebase, we’re providing extensive documentation including user manual, developers guide and knowledge base. We will continue to host documentation for both codebases at docs.srsran.com. You’ll still find the project website at www.srsran.com providing a one-stop-shop for everything srsRAN-related.

We’re excited about this new chapter in our evolution and we look forward to continuing to support our community, providing the most trusted open-source software for 4G and 5G mobile wireless networks!

Paul and the SRS Team